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Abingdon are a British based company with facilities in South Wales, the West Midlands and the North and South of England. They employ a total workforce of over 300 people and have the capacity to produce over 15 million square metres of carpet every year.

That’s enough to get you to Argentina and back every year!

Abingdon Carpet

The Royal Wilton Carpet Company received its Royal Charter all the way back in 1699. The towns of Wilton, Axminster and then later Kidderminster have proven to be at the heart of the British carpet making history. Carpets have developed from being merely tapestries and hand-knotted rugs into Wilton cut piles and then subsequently woven Wiltons and Axminsters. Patterns and designs have become ever more intricate and luxurious whilst quality and innovation continues to drive products forward.

One of the basic raw materials that has always been used for making all British carpets was wool. Wool is still a hugely important part of the carpet industry today and all our carpets from the Wilton Royal brand remain wool products. Now as huge supporters of The Campaign for Wool it’s a brand were especially proud of and one that we feel helps to keep part of the British carpets industry’s tradition alive.

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